Michael Stuber is one of the pioneers in the Diversity arena on the European level. He closely links his Diversity approach to the business strategies of his clients. With his interdisciplinary competence, Michael Stuber develops value-adding models for corporate policies and corporate culture. For Michael Stuber, the development of leadership qualities provides the key to unleashing individual and organisational potential. With his expertise, he reaches and mobilises people, fosters integration and promotes change.

Short Biography:

Michael Stuber (born in 1966) holds a degree in industrial engineering and management from the University of Karlsruhe and has been involved in European projects in the areas of education & training, marketing, human resources and management since 1989. After having worked at two leading consultancies in personnel and organisation development and being engaged in the field of Diversity as a volunteer, he founded European Diversity Research & Consulting in 1997. 25% of best practice companies selected by the European Commission are among his clients as well as three of the four initiators of the German "Diversity Charter".

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"Michael Stuber impressed me and my team not only with his expertise and abundant experience, he also quickly understands an organisation, its resources and pending challenges in a way that supports progress. He is a brilliant analyser with a holistic approach, an adaptive implementer and - when needed - an ambitious challenger."
Regula Rütti, Head of D&I, SBB (December 2017)

"Mr Stuber knows how to immerse himself into the specifics of a company and to align Diversity & Inclusion strategies and programmes to the specific organisational strategy and culture. We are pleased about the pragmatic and at the same time inspiring collaboration and appreciate the qualified, flexible and constructive counsulting of European Diversity."
Franka Keßler, HR Specialist Retention Management, IKEA Germany (2014)

"With Michael Stuber as the leading figure in this consulting company you can count on 15+ years of competence and insights in the D&I endeavors of the industry, helping you to set direction in your own organization."
Corinna Dawkins, Vice President HR, Bayer Health Care (2011)

"For several years Michael Stuber has been accompanying us with his comprehensive expertise on a variety of questions regarding Diversity. His personal consulting supported us in the continuous development of our work."
Barbara David, Head of Diversity, Commerzbank (2007)

"Michael Stuber has been professionally and profoundly consulting us in the development of our Corporate Diversity Strategy – always with an understanding for our specific business context"
Maud Pagel, Head of Group Diversity, Deutsche Telekom (August 2004)